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A Review On: Friedr. Dick 1905 Exclusive Series 10-Inch Chef's Knife

Friedr. Dick 1905 Exclusive Series 10-Inch Chef's Knife

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Pros: Well balanced, beautiful design, Rounded handle, High Quality

Cons: There is no pallete knife within the series

Overall, since purchasing this knife, I have not been disappointed at all.


The highlights, begin with the rounded hilt and blade top, which reduce the stress on the palms and make calluses a thing of the past.


The visual of this knife, is highly pleasing, for someone who spends 100% of their week around stainless bench tops and equipment.


The whole knife in itself is well balanced, with a light to medium weight, and a relatively moderate blade width and contour.


For anyone looking at this series, I would highly recommend if you are chasing high quality, with a stunning visual and comfortable handle.

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Thx for the feedback on the knife . I was looking at those online recently and was glad to read your review today.