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Global 8-Inch 20cm Cook's Knife Reviews

Positive Reviews


Perfect knife

Great knife for the value, easy to handle in small kitchen keep fantastic edge for long time and a liitle flreat with the steel and is back to perfection

Knife for a lifetime


Pros: Amazingly sharp and smooth

Cons: Handles takes some getting use to

Was in love with this knife since day one..(only had it a week) but its time to put your Wusthof up on ebay...Looking forward to trying more global knives. The G2 is the best knife ive ever had the pleasure of using. The handle feels a little strange at first but chop through a few onions and you forget all about that. thank you Anthony Bourdain The G2 is the knife of a lifetime

Negative Reviews


DuckFat's Right


Pros: Corrosion Resistance; Agility; Balance; Ergonmics

Cons: Ergonomics; Blance; Mediocre Blade Steel

I agree with everything DuckFat said, am just a tiny bit more positive than he is, and would like to add a few things.  If you just want to take this as a "+1," you don't need to read any farther. Also, feel free to extend these remarks to the 10" chef knives as well. Ergonomics:Balance:  Global (made by Yoshikin) is one of the few lines which actually are intentionally balanced, and balanced as neutrally as possible at that.  Yet, for some reason one of the most common complaints re Global (and not just this particular knife) is balance.  You can take this as a plus or a minus.  In my opinion, balance is overrated.  The better you skills the more willing you are to accept that long...
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Blast from the Past


Pros: Well balanced

Cons: Hard to sharpen properly for many, Price point, blade geometry

 I had a few Globals in my box for a number of years. They are not better than Wusthof or other German knives and in some cases not as good. The Global has a VERY thick spine and is not made from steel that is all that much better than German knives. The net result is that you just don't get the great results that many other J-knives offer. IE razor thin and super sharp. Global seems to still get a bit of attention from those who read Kitchen Confidential which was first published ten years ago. A lot has changed in that time frame. Global was one of the very first J-knives readily available in North America and the latest greatest thing 10-12 years ago. Things change. There seem to be...
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More Reviews


globals best?


Pros: great weight and balance. very durable in hard environments

Cons: Terrible edge, and will never hold its edge

Global knives were in my mind the chef knife to have. As a professional chef i'm always looking for a better tool. I bought the Global 8in. It has great weight, and is durable to withstand the hard environment of a working kitchen. The only problem is keeping it sharp, I mean properly. It never came back to that beautifully new sharp. I had it professionally sharpened and it dulled in about an hour. I ended up giving it away. Huge disappointment! › Culinary Schools, Cookbooks & Cookware › Cutlery › Chef's Knives › Global 8-Inch 20cm Cook's Knife › Global 8-Inch 20cm Cook's Knife Reviews