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Gourmet Meals in Minutes Reviews

Positive Reviews


Ignite Your Passion for Gourmet Cooking


Pros: Plenty of step-by-step instructions accompanied by lots of beautiful pictures.

Cons: All of the recipes are not listed alphabetically in the Index. Some of them are only listed as a subcategory under the ingredient.

    Reviewed by Cami Rawlins   Does sitting down to a lovely gourmet meal every night of the week sound like your idea of culinary bliss? Are you wondering how your bank account and waist line can handle such frivolity? Look no further, the Culinary Institute of America has put out a true gem that will get you serving fancier food in the same amount of time it takes to do hamburgers or hot dogs on the grill.    No disrespect to those time honored grill traditions, but sometimes I want something considerably more, well, sophisticated.  I guess it gives me delusions of cooking in a well-equipped professional kitchen like I see on Food Network –...
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Negative Reviews


Wrong concept , weak


Pros: Non

Cons: Fast ?

There is something wrong with this title... fast food is never will be gourmand , and never will represent what gourmand  cooking is all about. time is part of the enjoyment , time dedicated willingly is the essence and the absolute need , to creat what is not done fast or in the hurry.if you in the hurry .. Don't tell it is all right .. It is not all right and your food never will be right , only "will do " . sorry Charley ... No cigar ...