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Ice Cream!: The Whole Scoop

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Ice Cream!: The Whole Scoop

Ice Cream! The Whole Scoop, is an in-depth definitive book about the great American passion. Designed to take the mystery out of making ice cream but not the magic, this delightful book is not just a cookbook but a "how-to" guide for ice cream makers. Ice cream lovers will find hundreds of recipes from creamy-rich gourmet ice cream to healthful yogurt to crisp tart sorbets. Part One, "Freeze It," offers recipes for every sort of frozen dessert, including not just dairy ice creams, sherbets and frozen yogurts, but also non-dairy delights such as French sorbets, Italian sorbetti, and rice-based and soy-based ice creams. Part Two,"Perfect It," offers an in-depth explanation of the variables influencing ice cream quality including the ingredients used, the way they're mixed, and how they're frozen and stored. Detailed instructions are offered on how to develop, evaluate, and perfect new flavors. Part Three, "Embellish It," offers tantalizing suggestions for all occasions including combining eye-appealing colors with taste-tingling flavors to create swirled marbles, layered rainbows or molded bombes. Ice Cream concludes with three indispensable appendices: an alphabetical reference of two hundred formulas for creating new flavors, a glossary of ice cream lovers' jargon; and sources for specialized equipment and hard-to-find supplies. Ice Cream! is truly The Whole Scoop.

AuthorGail Damerow
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Publication Date1994-10
PublisherGlenbridge Publishing, Ltd.
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TitleIce Cream!: The Whole Scoop
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