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Italian Chef Academy - Rome


Pros: Great locale, emphasis on Italian food

Cons: Borderline scam

Avoid at all costs. They make written promises to candidates, then back out once they've gotten your money. The stage contracts are not being respected. In addition, the courses are way too short to properly equip you for a professional kitchen. Save your money and enroll in one of the big name schools instead, this isn't worth it.


I have been a student of this school. I paid the training package more expensive. I have only sold smoke, words and stories.
Choose another school. Here the chefs are good, but the lessons are poor. The course material is scarce and wrong. Time is short, the English lessons are shameful.
Choose another school. Please!

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Italian Chef Academy - Rome

Italian Chef Academy is located in Via della Camilluccia, in one of the most exclusive and panoramic areas in Rome: an elegant and residential district surrounded by green areas, few minutes far from San Peter’s Cathedral and the most important roman monuments. The Academy is situated in a natural reserve and has a bio-natural kitchen garden and an area dedicated to aromatic herbs. There are wide external places and classrooms dedicated to both theory and practice, at the students’ disposal. The Academy didactic kitchen has modern work-places, equipped with the most modern equipment and tools, in order to grant space and working independence to each student. Our culinary library, composed by an amazing number of food & wine volumes, enables our students to make researches and study in-depth the topics dealt during the classes. Mission Italian Chef Academy mission is to facilitate its students insertion in the world of work, through excellent training paths and apprenticeships in prestigious restaurants. Throughout a rich program of professional training courses, Italian Chef Academy gives its students the possibility to create personal training paths, able to satisfy everyone's goals. All Italian Chef Academy professional courses and the Masters have been studied to grant a full preliminary professional preparation to rapidly enter in the world of work. Our strengths are: · selective entry · professional teaching staff, composed by chefs, academicians and highly qualified experts · wide and pleasant spaces with all the components and vanguard equipments of the sector a bio-kitchen garden and a reserved area for aromatic herbs · labs equipped with vanguard equipments weekly learning tests · apprenticeship in prestigious structures all over the nation laboratories and seminars · English and Italian language courses (open to everyone) · final certification recognized by the Institute for Italian Professional Education, accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research)

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