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Iwatani Gas Cassette Burner Stove

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Sounds like a good addition to the shore box for our next fishing trip. Just want to add this unit has 12,000BTU  power output
I think I have this same model and use it for cooking in my wok (wok bottom is not perfectly flat, cannot be used on a glass/electric stovetop) on a regular basis. As you've mentioned, it's great for camping trips as well. 
I used these for Hot Wok demo cooking in my cafe and for catering years also. I also used them for omelets on a brunch buffet. They worked wonderful. When I did the Wok demos I had three going at one time because the woks needed to be kept smoking hot. 
oooh yeahhh, I LOVE gas and have it in my home. top two must haves on buying a home, a hot tub and cooking with gas. This is perfect for distilling.
I've been used a huge thing that holds a fire in it or coals and folds like a steamer. Can't remember the name and the camping stove, which has a tendency to break down.