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Johnson and Wales University - Denver CO

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Instructors, Facilities

Cons: Expense

I attended J&W Culinary in Denver during the 2001-02 school year.  While I was there I felt that the program was a very thorough and well-rounded program.  The instructors were a pretty decent group of chefs with experience across the board, from cruise ships to catering companies to fine dining.  After 12 years of being out of school and about 7 years of being out of the industry, my opinion of J&W and the program has not changed.  I still feel like they offered me a good program.  


However, my opinion on culinary school as whole has changed.  Big name schools are not cheap.  For me it comes down to this, if you will be graduating culinary school without student loans, get into the program you think is the best for you.  If you will be graduating with loans, seriously consider a community college program.  In the end, grilling is grilling no matter where the grill is located.  Before I went to J&W I surveyed chefs in four major cities and asked them if the school mattered to them when looking for new cooks. Overwhelmingly the response was the school did not make that big of a difference, it was the passion of the individual.  I graduated with $22k worth of student loan debt and walked into a $10/hr job.  Eventually it became too much debt to dig out of so I went into food related sales. 


Because this is a review of J&W Denver I do want to say again that they offered me a very nice program at top notch facilities.  If you can afford a school like J&W, go for it.  However, if you cannot get through without debt there is no shame in attending a local program.  Neither J&W nor your local community college have a class on passion, either you have it or you don't, and if you have it the school on your diploma won't matter.  

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Johnson and Wales University - Denver CO

College of Culinary Arts Chef, food scientist, research and development chef, sports nutritionist, food service entrepreneur — the culinary field continues to expand to include career paths unimaginable two decades ago. With 40 years of teaching experience, JWU’s culinary programs are now world-renowned — not only because of our strategic investment in our curricula, faculty and facilities, but because we’re constantly refining how to better prepare you for this ever-growing, global industry. Culinary = Art, Science, Craft and Business Becoming a well-rounded culinary professional is about more than great technique. Our multidisciplinary approach to culinary education balances creative artistry with practical know-how, scientific understanding and integrated managerial and leadership skills. Further expand your skills by exploring traditional and modernist techniques — and their shared potential for innovation. Go Beyond the Basics Learn culinary fundamentals — essential building blocks for any chef — as well as the how’s and why’s of cooking, gaining the depth of knowledge to think creatively, and analytically, about your profession. Where is the industry headed? How do you keep a kitchen running at full speed? Learn to lead in your field by tackling culinary’s big questions, from sourcing and menu costs to sustainability, wellness and social responsibility. Customize Your Culinary Career Want to run your own food-related business, develop new flavors or work in sports nutrition? Expand upon your culinary foundation with our specialized bachelor of science degrees, which range from Culinary Nutrition and Food Service Entrepreneurship to food management programs offered jointly with The Hospitality College. Faculty Mentors Work closely with our expert chef-instructors to hone your skills, keep up with industry trends and understand what to expect in the real world, from your first culinary internship to your first big career change. Work Experience for a Global Industry Food is a universal language. Make sure you’re ready to communicate, work and lead in any cultural context. Gain a global perspective both in the classroom and through internships at top restaurants, foodie startups, global sites and study abroad. Students have worked at such leading companies as the Ritz-Carlton, Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Aramark and Per Se. Denver as Learning Lab Forbes calls Denver “the top city in America to live and work.” It’s also home to an innovative culinary scene focused on modern techniques, incredible produce and locally-sourced meat and game — making it an incredible learning lab in which to expand your palette and hone your skills. DEGREE PROGRAMS UNDERGRADUATE Baking & Pastry Arts Baking & Pastry Arts & Food Service Management Culinary Arts Culinary Arts & Food Service Management Culinary Nutrition

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