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Konosuke HD Wa-Gyuto


Pros: Sharpness, Shape, Weight, Thickeness

Cons: Handle is a little narrow

This being my first review, i thought i should review the thing i like the most in my chef bag. 


The Konosuke HD Chef knife. 


This knife is in my hand 10-20hrs every week. Being a youngster (CdP) I have the privilege of being one of the guys who do 75% of the prep work in the kitchen. And 75% of that is done with this knife. 


The shortcomings of this knife are few and far between, in fact I only have one real gripe:

  • The Kono HD cannot handle heavy work. If you are breaking down lobsters, hacking through butternut squash or cutting through the breast plates of a box of chicken - this is not the knife for you. Being a laser, this knife is not meant for this job. I use a takeda deba for all of these things... though my Italian, french and english compatriots all use their chef knives (i cry a little on the inside). 


Then again who would buy a laser to do that stuff anyways. Now for the juice:

  • Sharpness - Thing stays sharp through a whole day... i do not steel, i do not bust a stone out in the 3-5 oclock doldrums though i do strop occasionally. But regardless this knife at the end of the day, is ready for more. 
  • Sharpening - Super Easy, takes a little more love than other knives, but this thing reminds me of AS or White2 steel - stupid sharp. 
  • Weight - "light chopping" this thing is lethal. Emincer onions or concassed tomatoes becomes a job of pleasure and speed. The weight of the knife still chops....though this is more because the edge is so scary
  • Thickness - This knife does not really wedge, it is too thin. When chopping fast it leaves the food on the board, not sticking to the knife....which is awesome especially if you hate mandolins and want to make 2 gastro trays of potato boulangere. 


All in all, I cannot recommend this knife enough. If you already have a knife that can do all the brutal jobs that a chef knife is expected to do (that others expect it to do), then this will up your prep game big time. 



Konosuke HD Wa-Gyuto

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