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L'École Culinaire Culinary Programs


Pros: Passionate professional Chef/Instructors, solid curriculum and equipment.

Cons: Discipline in the classroom and lab.

I have been in the Culinary Arts and Management (Associate Degree) program for two semesters.  The Chef/Instructors are all well qualified and their passion for Culinary Arts and teaching is clearly apparent.  

The curriculum does provide a good foundation in culinary fundamentals and the graduate will be well prepared to enter the industry in any entry level position. With hard work and determination they will be able to quickly establish themselves and begin working up the ranks. 

The "extra's" are available for the asking.  There is ample opportunity to come in before or after class hours and on off days to refine your skills either with the assistance of the Chef/Instructors or the "Student Ambassadors", a select group of advanced students that are first nominated by a minimum of two chefs and interviewed by the Program Director before appointment.  

As with any program, if you just show up and do the bare minimum, that is you are going to get out of it.  But if you truly put in the effort, and are open and receptive, you can learn a lot.  On the flip-side of that, it is very easy for one or two disruptive students to really bog down the learning process, and the Chefs seem pretty limited as to the corrective actions they can take to curb the disruptive behavior.

The kitchens are well equipped, and well maintained.  It is very rare to find anything that is not in top working order.  The school does not skimp on the equipment!

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L'École Culinaire Culinary Programs

Welcome to L'École Culinaire, Memphis. As a sister campus of our St. Louis location, we are continuing the tradition of producing top-notch culinary graduates that are ready to enter the workforce with the expertise they need to succeed. For more information please call us today at 1-877-203-1016 or use our request information form. Our curriculum is designed to provide all students with an exceptionally strong and well rounded background in all aspects of the hospitality and food and beverage industry. To this end our students spend 100% of their time on the study of their chosen field. We use a unique curricular structure based on a ten-week educational phase rather than on traditional college semesters or quarters. Students take only one major course during each phase, which allows them to concentrate their learning efforts and get the most from their education. A successful Culinary Arts student graduating from our institution will have a strong background in baking and pastry, and will develop a thorough knowledge and honed skills in all other aspects of the hospitality industry, food and beverage management. Restaurant Management Program --------------------------------- The objective of this culinary and restaurant management program in Memphis is to prepare the student for entry level employment in the field of restaurant management. Graduates of this culinary restaurant management program in Memphis will have a working knowledge of cooking and business management, food safety concerns, marketing and customer service, legalities, guidance in leadership, marketing strategies, and beverage management to culminate in a capstone course. To become a Manager in the culinary and restaurant field you must have proper training, preparation, and a foundation in such management skills. L'École Culinaire’s Culinary & Restaurant Management Associate of Occupational Studies Degree program will provide instruction that will prepare you for entry level employment in the field of culinary management. When you graduate from this program you will have a working knowledge of the duties of a line cook, short order cook and a kitchen assistant, as well as management and administration of the business, marketing and human resource management.

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