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Pros: Awesome staff awesome area great equipment if something doesn't work the next day it does

Cons: i think student get away with to much walking over the staff and sliding threw classes to easy at times

Le Cordon Bleu USA Miami Campus Review  From a Students Point of view March 2014



I currently am attending Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Art’s as a Student for my Associates Degree in Culinary Art’s in Miami.
I started out in 1997 knowing the Culinary was going to be where I would be by this time in my life
but I didn’t think it was going to take me this long to come back when I had to take a long detour all those years ago.
My first Choice in Culinary School was CIA but back in the late 90s still under my parents support they said no we can’t afford CIA so you pic somewhere els less expensive and closer to home I think it was really the Closer to home part for the reason they didn’t want to help me with going to CIA.
Back in 1999 when I had started with Pittsburg Culinary I think they were still doing 18 month Degree programs and like 19k where now its 40-60k for 21 months Depending on school.
My first choice was to go back to Pittsburg I knew the Le Cordon Bleu had bought the school in 2003 2004 so it wasn’t the same school but it was what I had missed the area and all
But when I found out LBC was closing there Campus in PA I figured I’d check out the Miami Campus.
One of the first things I really liked about this school was when I called up and spoke with and first visited with the Admission Department it was the first of 4 schools that did not try to trash talk the other school in the area yes other school would come up with trash talking of all others in the areas to get you to come to them LCB didn’t do that. I liked the tour I didn’t get to see all the students at work I didn’t get to see all the hyped up possible phony stuff I just got a nice tour when the students where on break before classes started again and I liked that.
This was in Feb 2013 I choose I would come back and its been 13 months and I’m positive that I would be miserable right now if I had not chosen to come back.
 I would like to start out with I read many reviews from those who give schools a bad review because they want to blame the school for what was really their own fault
Some of them go like this the school didn’t do a thing to train me for the real world so I flunked my externship program yes I have read that from others and I don’t feel sorry for them or the ones who don’t have an externship why don’t I feel sorry for them?
because they aren’t doing anything for their education they probably are just like some of the students I see in school that just come in for their 4 hour class and can’t wait to get out and go home not because they have a job but because they have a tv and a video game waiting at home for them.
So this then gets to the next point why bring this up?. Because you only get out what you are willing to put into school. Yes the curriculum seems short I feel that 6 weeks is not nearly enough time to learn what they want you to learn in each class. Sometime we don’t even get to finish a full set of curriculum if where in a gen ed class I have had a few where we never make it even threw the entire book so I feel a little cheated yes but as a student spending my good money to be there it’s my job to bring this up and I do. When I say you get what you put in I mean it when I have the time I stay I have stayed until 10pm before when my class is a 10am class I try to get in to school around 9pm and I try to stay as much as I can some of the staff mess around and joke with me about how I don’t have a life outside well this is my life and that’s why I am here and I’m going to stay till I’m told to leave. The staff most of them are really awesome. I would say that at least out of all the chefs I personally have interacted with a very large majority of them are there for US the Students not for the paycheck. The Pay helps yes but truly they are there for the students to help us I have never been told no when I have asked for help If there is anything I need I ask and the Instructors will always take their time to help you just have to show that you are here for real and not just to pass time you show that this is who you are and they help why? Because they know what they have to teach is priceless its knowledge.
Sometimes there are issues with students some are not so respectful especially towards the chefs I see this a lot and it really pisses me off. And then how much some of them put up with disrespectful students that sucks. I get ticked off about one thing I think corporate tells them in a not officially way that students are not supposed to feel because you hear all the time every class the beginning of the first day of class how students hardly ever feel unless it’s for attendance issues see we automatically fail a class if we are more than 4 days absent to school in that 6 week period unless its an approved excused absence then we can make up that day. But then I see some students that pass classes and I feel they shouldn’t just because they show up I think this might be because the school doesn’t want to lose the students and the revenue so they are told to at least pass them with a C now here is the catch you can’t go on externship unless you have a 2.5 GPA or maybes its now a 2.0 so even if you squeak by with all C grades you won’t be able to graduate from school without your externship and you can’t go on externship with that low GPA so this is the one thing I don’t really like about the way the school operates but one small thing just goes back to you get out what you put in and if you show what you want they give it to you in ways no one will know until it’s too late.
this is why I know I’m in the right place because if I wanted to stay later after class I can walk up to some of the chefs and ask them can I sit in your class today and help out does your class need an extra hand will you help me with this will you teach me more you know what they say 90% of the time Yes sure your welcome any time we can help.
everyone has an open door all you have to do is walk up to it and let them know your there.
The chefs that know me know I plan on coming back in 10 years after I have been out in the industry I am coming back my plan is I will be where they are and teach and help others where I am now.
I am Full of Pride of my Bleu school J

Ross Goldstein

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