Loen 48-blade Meat Tenderizer Meat Neddle (White) Reviews


Mine is a different brand but looks the same--a GREAT tool to have!


Pros: far superior to just pounding, enhance marinade penetration, REALLY cubes the meat

Cons: The only way to clean it effectively is in a dishwasher--too sharp to clean by hand

Alton Brown talked about the joys of a 48-blade cutter like this for turning cheap, tough pieces of beef into actually cubed meat -- meat that's perforated to make it tender.  So I bought one with good reviews on Amazon and now can't imagine being without it.     It's very simple to use.  Simply press down and the 48 blades cut through the meat, piercing connective tissue as it goes.  Using this and a mallet turns a tough chunk of london broil into an easy-to-chew cutlet. 48-blades plus a mallet turn a boneless pork loin chop into tender schnitzel.  Pierced meat soaks up marinades like a sponge!   So, although I can't vouch for the quality of this...
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