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Mac Superior Bread Knife

A Review On: MAC Carving or Bread Knife #SB105

MAC Carving or Bread Knife #SB105

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Just Jim
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Pros: Good length, nice curvature, minimal crumbing

Cons: none

This is my new favorite bread knife, replacing my previous favorite, the Wusthof SuperSlicer.

Similar blade design, in that the teeth are convex instead of concave.

This allows the blade to slice more cleanly than a knife with "teeth", thereby reducing crumbing when slicing bread, etc.

It actually slices better on the push than the pull which is fairly unique.

The slight curvature reduces knuckle banging, a definite plus.

I use this everyday, for slicing baguettes for crostini's, lemons, etc., but mostly for slicing the seared rare Ahi.

It's definitely up to the task.
























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