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Meat Smoking And Smokehouse Design

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This book is written in two parts as the title says.  The first section focused mainly on the theory, history, technique and methods with some recipes near the end.  It was very informative and a great read.  Very easy reading and technique driven.  The second part is all about building smokehouses.  It has pictures and explanations for how to build them that are great and easy to understand.  I'll be building one similar to one the shown on the cover this summer.


Pros: A cookbook that will get used often, great illistrations and very informative, special binding allows it to stand up and pages open

Cons: A lot of information on small 3 by 5 pages, The flow of the page could be a bit confusing, The book only discusses Entre' items.

Adam Perry Lang a rising culinary star in the NY culinary scene.  Dubbed by Iron Chef Mario Batali "Adam Perry Lang is my hero and my go-to brother for meat and fire" and winner of The American Royal Invitational one of the most prestigious bbq competitions.


BBQ 25 is a book that makes good bbq easy and fun.  The number 25 represents the # of common meat items that Chef Lang discusses and prepares.  The binding and pages remind me of a childs book.  Thick cardboard pages that had colorful shiny gloss finish with plenty of pictures on every page.  The pages allows the book to stand upright and keeps the page open that you are using.


The book begins with a glossary of techniques which discusses Chef Langs approaches to each recipe in BBQ 25. The book is broken down into five catagories,  The catagories include Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken and Fish and Misc,  Each page of the book represents a different recipe for easy use.  The recipes on the pages are broken down into several catagories.  Some include what of the animal the meat comes from, Toosl required, cooking techniques, Seasoning, brins and marinades, Prepiration and cooking methods.  Pictures include raw and finished items as well as tip for making things easier to prepare.


Throughout the book Chef Lang stresses use quality ingrediants to create quality meals.  What he repeats is "Butcher over Supermarket, Local over outsourced and Organic over other".  This book is a great guide to grilling and BBQ and should be stored next to everyones grill.

Meat Smoking And Smokehouse Design

Most books on smoking just give some elementary information and then are filled with recipes; this book is the reverse, scholarly information and theory as it applies to smoking meats and a few recipes that will get one started. While various recipes usually get the spotlight, it is the authors’ opinion that the technical know-how behind preparing meats and sausages is far more important. There is a section with some basic recipes, but after reading the book one should be able to create his own recipes without much effort. The book explains differences between grilling, barbecuing and smoking. The sections on smokehouse design include over 200 construction diagrams and photos that cover most known methods: masonry, portable, wood, concrete, and drum smokers. After reading this book a reader will fully comprehend what can be expected of any particular smoker and how to build one that will conform to his individual needs. The book will benefit the serious smoker as well as the beginner.

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Release Date2009-06-29
CreatorAdam Marianski
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