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Mediterranean Hot and Spicy

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Mediterranean Hot and Spicy

Mediterranean cooking is given new spice by the award-winning cookbook author who introduced Greek cuisine to American kitchens.Ever since  chile peppers  made their way from the New World to Europe centuries ago, cooks throughout the Mediterranean region have used a wide variety of fresh, dried, and ground peppers to add bold hits of flavor to their cuisines.  Now Aglaia Kremezi,  inspired by her years of research and travel throughout the Mediterranean region —  in Italy, Spain, Turkey, North Africa, and elsewhere --  as well as her own Greek heritage and upbringing, has collected and refined the best of these dishes for American home cooks. Fresh, seasonal ingredients–traditional grains, legumes, vegetables, olive oil, fish, and a little meat and dairy spiked with the fragrant chiles of the area–are the basis for a cuisine bursting with color, flavor, and aroma.  That this way of eating has been proven to be healthful is a wonderful bonus, but intense flavor is always the goal.These easy-to-prepare, authentic recipes are the kind of food found in homes and unpretentious restaurants in all the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. They include zesty salads, spreads, sauces, soups, one-pot dishes, and desserts such as  Feta and Pepper Spread; Small Eggplants Stuffed with Chile, Garlic, and Parsley; Grilled Whole Fish in Chile, Garlic, and Mint Sauce; Pork Tenderloin with Chile and Vinegar; Baked Rice with Sweet and Hot Peppers, Scallions, and Feta; Fig and Yoghurt Semifreddo, and many more. As Aglaia herself says, “I focus on naturally grown seasonal ingredients and pick out dishes that showcase them in the simplest and purest way, leaving out unnecessary embellishments.  I hope my recipes will inspire you to use the abundance of seasonal produce available in your area to prepare dishes with clear, vivid, and invigorating flavors.”  Hot and Spicy food has never been more enjoyable.

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TitleMediterranean Hot and Spicy
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