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Messermeister 8-1/2-Inch Take-Apart Utlility Shear

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #1 in Specialty Knives


Pros: Very comfortable for "righties", easy and thorough cleaning; easy the sharpen

Cons: Not great for "lefties"

This shear was rated the best by Cook's Illustrated but I've owned the older version since about 2002 and it is my favorite for comfort as well as maintaining its edge for a long time before requiring sharpening.  I use it in place of a boning knife with poultry as it is much easier to use while negotiating small-boned cuts.  Of course, the take-apart feature is a must when cleaning up after poultry prep.

I also have the second-rated Wusthof take-apart shear but I still use my Messermeister most of the time; having a right-handed grip makes for a comfortable experience for "righties" but is anathema for "lefties".


Pros: Sharp, well made, easy to clean, dishwasher safe

Cons: Non

 For the longest time I thought kitchen shears were the silliest thing. Why would anyone need them if you have a good chefs knife? Boy was I wrong and I mean really wrong. After seeing a demo of these on America's Test Kitchen I was really interested to try them. 

After receiving them as a fit this year I have to say I am really impressed. They are extremely sharp and I can cut through chicken bones with ease. I actually like using them on chicken instead of my chefs knife so I can preserve the edge. 

I also like that there are several little gadgets built into the handle such as a bottle opener, jar opener and small screwdriver. The shears take a part with no trouble at all and make them very easy to clean. The plastic handles provide a good grip and are large enough to allow users with large hands to use them comfortably.

Really like having these in my kitchen tool kit.
Messermeister 8-1/2-Inch Take-Apart Utlility Shear

Messermeister, featuring premier German cutlery, has roots in both Germany and Australia. Today, Messermeister operates as a U.S. company that strives to provide the highest quality of cutlery and culinary tools to both food-service professionals and home. We are committed to designing new and innovative products and sourcing the world to find the very best quality at the right price for the market. Messermeister products are all fully warranted for the life of the user against defects in materials and workmanship. Messermeister 8-1/2-inch take-apart utility shears are rated number 1 by several gourmet magazines. Functions include a screw driver, nut cracker, jar-lid oener and gripper, bottle opener, and bone and twig cutter. It separates for hygenic cleaning and is dishwasher safe. Use the shears for opening packages, clipping herbs, dicing bacon, skinning chicken, trimming artichokes and much more. These shears are made with durable stainless steel, have a tension tightening rivet and are for right handed use.

List Price$25.00
Product GroupKitchen
Product Type NameABIS_KITCHEN
TitleMessermeister 8-1/2-Inch Take-Apart Utlility Shear
FeatureRight handed use
Package Quantity1
Height0.75 inches
Length11.25 inches
Width4.62 inches
Material TypeSteel
Material Type Set ElementSteel
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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