great, familiar choice to jump from German into Japanese blades

A Review On: Miyabi Morimoto Edition 8-Inch Chef Knife

Miyabi Morimoto Edition 8-Inch Chef Knife

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Pros: thin, sharp and well-made

Cons: pricey

I picked up the Miyabi 8" chef's (600D) as an upgrade to my Henckels when I found it on sale and was not disappointed. Feels a bit lighter and more agile in the hand compared to the Germans since it sports a thinner blade. Sharp, and stays that way. Balance to me seems to be a little bit forward compared to where the Germans are too, so it feels like it wants to cut. Some attention paid to make for comfortable pinch-grip by some rounding off of the sharp edge of the spine of the blade, part of why I say that it was very well-made. Seems to always sell at a bit of a price premium compared to the Germans and arguably it is a better knife, but I'd try to wait for a sale to make it an even better value. 


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