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New West KnifeWorks Fusionwood Chopper


Pros: Quality products, stellar customer service

Cons: knife was originally shipped dull, but they fixed it!!!

I own another New West Knife I reviewed here:


After purchasing the chef knife I wanted to try out this mini-chopper set with the one steakknife in these rad fusionwood handles. 


At first, I was completely disappointed because both knives arrived dull and I wasn't sure what their purpose would be....they seemed too thick to really cut anything but then.....I determined that the blade wasn't sharp enough!!


Apparently this was an issue for a few customers, and New West being as awesome as they are, completely felt terrible! Contacted me with a shipping label and sent me both new sharp knives immediately!! They were wonderful to do business with, and I will recommend them. 


Now that I have the knife, I find it is perfect size for my hands (i'm a girl) and its great for chopping mostly, garlic, onions & slicing beef for stews and things of that nature. The combination of these three knives is wonderful, and I'll definitely use them everyday! 


Thanks New West! :) <3

New West KnifeWorks Fusionwood Chopper

The 'Chopper' is a New West classic. Vegetables have nightmares about these pro quality kitchen knives. But for the slicing and chopping needs of your kitchen, this knife is a dream. The winner of the "New West Salsa Test". 45 members of the Cooking Club of America evaluated the New West Chopper as part of the Cooking Club's product test program. Cooking Pleasures magazine published the results in which the Chopper received a 100% approval rating.

Length10 inches
Material TypeA-8 Japanese High-Carbon Stainless Tool Steel (HRC 58-59)
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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