Too Short, Too Thick,Too Curved

A Review On: New West KnifeWorks Fusionwood Chopper

New West KnifeWorks Fusionwood Chopper

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Thanks for the feedback Phil. I agree with most of your comments. This was probably a pour choice to send for the ChefTalk crowd. This the knife we sell to folks who have no training and are generally afraid of anything larger. Having worked in kitchens for many years it is not the right size for me either. It did work nicely for skinning a bison last winter. It is one of our best sellers and folks are always telling me how much they like it. Folks like the heft and toughness of the thicker blade. I like you prefer a thinner blade. I am sending you our petty to try out.
Thank you for the thorough review. Please review the petty when received as I would like to know how it performs.
This is really Not a knife for the kitchen it is more geared for the home cook,Not a Chef but it looks good untill you start to use it