Olivier Bajard - Pastry School

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Olivier Bajard - Pastry School

Ecole internationnale de Pâtisserie Olivier Bajard - 355, rue Docteur Parcé - Agrosud - 66000 PERPIGNAN (FRANCE) Phone: +33(0)4 68 38 78 85 / Fax: +33(0)4 68 21 57 61

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About Olivier Bajard


« Coming from a gastronomy background, I became naturally fascinated with the work of pastry-chocolate-ice cream maker from the age of 4. The daily application of my parents to their craft was for me a revelation. This is why, at the age of 15, I setted off on the roads of the Tour of France to learn and practice with passion « The love of the well-done job » with highly skilled pastry chefs. I also prepared for many competitions and attended various continuing professional trainings in order to grow and acquire the bases that would allow me to express myself fully.» 
Encounters with Meilleurs Ouvriers de France such as Gabriel PAILLASSON, Alain GUINET, Bernard HUGUET and Pascal CAFFET, who gave me their advice, were the deciding factors for the continuation of my career. 
• In 1993, at age 27, I obtained the much sought-after title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (National Government Award for Best Craftsman in France). 
• In 1995, appointed by the French Pastry Confederation to represent France, I participated in the Dessert-making Craft World Championship and received the top honour of World Champion. 
Then, I started my first experiences in the world of instruction, transmitting without reserve my experience, my knowledge and the love of my craft in France and throughout the world. 
It has become a vocation and I savour fully that happiness everyday. 
I have been also involved in the organization of many national and international competitions in order to convey and perpetuate the know-how of the French Pastry Chocolate Ice-cream making. 
• In 2001, so as to respond to many requests, I created my own consulting and pastry instruction firm.
• In 2005, the École Internationale de Pâtisserie Olivier Bajard was born and has been dispensing short and long trainings adapted to professionals and to the general public. 
- In November 05th, 2007, construction and enlargement of the Ecole Internationale de Pâtisserie associated with the shop Olivier BAJARD 
- May 13th, 2010, opening of the second shop in Collioure. 
- October 15th, 2010, the first book " Les Ateliers Sucrés d'Olivier " to the editions Fleurus.


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