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On the Line Reviews

Jim Berman

Extraordinary Perspective!


Pros: Expertly produced glimpse of the way it should be!

Cons: Not necessarily practical for most

Eric Ripert is the quintessential professional, and On the Line is evidence of such. The book provides a sometime dramatic glimpse inside the head (and heart) of an extraordinary restaurant and the crew responsible for making a spectacular experience for every guest. I most liked the behind-the-scenes 'timelines' of what goes on for, say, the porter or line crew. The food is an integral part of the book, but the life of the restaurant so very well portrayed in On the Line is what spoke to me. This is a sophisticated book with complexity beyond the bounds of a the casual observer. Better yet, it is a great glimpse for a young member of industry looking for inspiration or the serious...
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great book

I love the book as it takes you behind the scene of Le Bernardin. Everyone from the Chef de cuisine down to the stock room guys are detailed.