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Persian Cooking

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Persian Cooking

PERSIAN COOKING: A TABLE OF EXOTIC DELIGHTS is collection of 322 authentic recipes from the world's oldest cuisine. Clear and concise instructions make the dishes turn out exactly as they are supposed to. Persian cooking is based on lamb, fruits, vegetables and grains, used in subtle and varied combinations. The food is neither highly spiced nor hot but seasoned with herbs. It is very nutritious. Many of the dishes are suitable for vegetarians and in many others, meat may be easily omitted. The dishes can be made from ingredients found in almost any market. A guide to speciality stores where hard-to-find ingredients, which are used in a few dishes, can be found is also included. Rice preparation, which has often been observed defines the quality of the Persian chef, is covered in detail. Half Persian and half English, Nesta Ramazani has lived in both countries, making her uniquely qualified to offer these recipes. During a one year return visit to Iran she picked the brains of both professional chef and housewife. She also consulted Rosa Montazemi's classical Persian language cookbook, Honar-e Ashpazi. Back in America, she tested and tried out the hundreds of dishes and rendered the recipes to exact American measurements and timing. The author observes: "Here is a culinary art so highly developed that the most lowly vegetable can taste divine, every meal can be a gastronomic treat, every cook a creative artist." Mrs. Ramazani also includes a historical and cultural introduction to the food of Persia. The background of many of the dishes are also explained through engaging anecdotes. Included are: 322 recipes from all regions of Iran: soups, ashes, stews (khoresht and khorak), dolmehs, boranis, vegetables, salads, rice dishes (pollos and chelos), kababs, breads (nan), sweets, desserts, sharbats and pickles (torshis). Photographs of prepared dishes. A short dictionary of Persian culinary terms. A guide to grocery stores outside of Iran where hard-to-find ingredients may be obtained. A historical and cultural guide to Persian cuisine.

AuthorNesta Ramazani
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Publication Date2000-01-01
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TitlePersian Cooking
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