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POURfect® Scrape-A-Bowl, 5.0Qt Tilt Head (Tangerine)

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“POURfect.”  The gimmicky name combining the words, “pour” and perfect” conjures up thoughts of late night T.V. infomercials and frenetic demonstrations of “As Seen on T.V.” thingamajigs.  


Living in a small space and acquiring numerous kitchen gadgets which perform only a single function can be a recipe for disaster.


Skeptics are wondering if these products are a waste of money and will eat up valuable kitchen space and turn into dust collectors.  Having been skeptical about them too, I now find myself using these products every time I bake.  




All the “POURfect” products have the following features:

  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to clean
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • They come in dozens of fun colors (except for the mixer attachments)





It’s time to retire your stand mixer’s paddle attachment.  “Scrape-a-Bowl,” is a clever, new attachment for your stand mixer and proves to be a keeper.  No more stopping the machine several times to lift the heavy mixer head and manually scrape down the sides of your bowl.  The “Scrape-a-Bowl” has rubberized edges which act like a spatula, constantly scraping down the sides of the bowl with each turn.  Larger than the paddle attachment, its curved, wavy design “folds” together the ingredients in half the time.  The “Scrape-a-Bowl” is designed to prevent the messy cloud of flour poured into the bowl while the machine is running.  It comes in 4 different sizes to fit your specific stand mixer model.  It makes for easy cleanup, too.  I find myself using it every time I make cakes and cookies.  It can also be used to make biscuits, mashed potatoes, pie pastry, meat loaf, quick breads, candies and creamed frostings.  It does have limited use, however, as it can’t be used to whip egg whites for meringue or for heavy mixing for breads, coffee cakes, rolls and buns.  The “POURfect” product line does offer another stand mixer attachment called, “Whisk-a-Bowl,” which claims to whip egg whites 3 times as fast as your stand mixer’s traditional whisk attachment. We didn’t have the opportunity to test the “Whisk-a-Bowl,” but if it’s anything like the other “POURfect” products, then it’s worth checking into.


The “POURfect” website offers tons of product information as well as video demonstrations and recipes. 


Make room in the kitchen for the “POURfect” products – they may serve to be a time saver and the solution to a good deal of your baking messes and frustrations.


POURfect® Scrape-A-Bowl, 5.0Qt Tilt Head (Tangerine)

Revolutionary NEW flat beater design for stand mixers. Completely scrapes the bowl with every revolution . Angled crossbars "FOLD" your ingredients, rather than stir. Allows more thorough mixing in half the time. Fits KitchenAid 5.0qt tilt head machines. Models KSM150, KSM151, KSM152, "Artisan". Made in the U.S.A.

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