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POURfect® Scrape-A-Bowl, 5.0Qt Tilt Head (Tangerine) Reviews


Pourfect "Scrape-A-Bowl" Attachment

    GIMMICKS AND GADGETS   “POURfect.”  The gimmicky name combining the words, “pour” and perfect” conjures up thoughts of late night T.V. infomercials and frenetic demonstrations of “As Seen on T.V.” thingamajigs.     Living in a small space and acquiring numerous kitchen gadgets which perform only a single function can be a recipe for disaster.   Skeptics are wondering if these products are a waste of money and will eat up valuable kitchen space and turn into dust collectors.  Having been skeptical about them too, I now find myself using these products every time I bake.     FEATURES IN ALL “POURFECT” PRODUCTS   All the “POURfect” products have the following features: Microwave and...
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