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RH Forschner Rosewood Bread Knife 10.25"

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Good Bread Knife, Attractive, Well Priced

Cons: Not the best.

This is a good quality bread and pastry knife with a good blade, and a comfortable and attractive handle.  Whatever deficiencies Forschner Rosewood and Fibrox have don't really extend to bread knives.

Although bread knives are touted as slicers they're really no substitute for a sharp fine edge. 

You can spend more and get a lot less.  But you have to spend a lot more to get anything significantly better.  A great choice to fill the bread slot in a basic set without breaking the bank.


Pros: sharp and affordable

Cons: none really

On my fourth one. 

I "forget" them at friends' houses sometimes when I see their poor knife collections.

The wood handle is definitely better.  Hone it backwards up a steel. 

Will hold a place in my collection of affordable knives until I win the lottery.

I recommend this knife to everyone I work with.


Pros: great edge, nice feel

Cons: It hurts like a son of a b**** when you get cut with a serrated blade

Really a very good knife for the money I prefer the fibrox handles to wood and yes I have used both. Does its purpose well and a few others like cutting that 12 inch sub you made for lunch. On another note a cut from a serrated blade takes an obnoxious amount of time to heal.

Price is for  for fibrox handled version


Pros: The blade cuts through crusty bread, pizzas and the like fantasically. For the price, I am quite pleased. Found it works great.

Cons: The Fibrox handle is a bit rough in the hand, the rosewood wasn't proffered in the 10" at, but am not displeased. Great knife.

I have seen a review of this knife from Chef boar_d_laze and followed it's advice.  The advice I recieved following my purchase of my Misono UX 10 was superb.  Although I had wanted the rosewood handle, alas, it was not proffered by, which I had a great experience with the purchase of the Misono.  They had only the 8.25" in the rosewood and I needed a larger blade. Hence, I went with the 10" Fibrox.  Although, I imagine the rosewood would be more comfortable in hand, the Fibrox is acceptable.  It slices through crusty breads, pizzas and biscotti loafs like a charm.  It is a great value for the money and I don't regret the purchase at all.  Also, is, thus far, a great source.  I have made two orders and both were received correctly and within three business days of the order.
RH Forschner Rosewood Bread Knife 10.25"

The serrated blade of the bread knife is not only handy for slicing through loaves of bread, but also for cake, tomatoes, salami and other foods that have a firm outside and a soft interior. R. H. Forschner is a division of Swiss Army Brands, Inc, renowned for the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. These knives are specially ground and tempered so that they can be resharpened over and over again, keeping a sharp edge throughout their lifetime. State of the art technology blended with old world craftsmanship produce cutting instruments of excellent quality, at reasonable prices.

LabelRH Forschner
List Price$44.10
ManufacturerRH Forschner
Product GroupKitchen
Product Type NameHOME
PublisherRH Forschner
StudioRH Forschner
TitleRH Forschner Rosewood Bread Knife 10.25"
FeatureRenowned rosewood handles feature a carved handle design with the unique beauty of natural rosewood, extra durable
BrandRH Forschner
Package Quantity1
Weight1 pounds
WarrantyFull US Warranty by Victorinox
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