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A Review On: RH Forschner Rosewood Bread Knife 10.25"

RH Forschner Rosewood Bread Knife 10.25"

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Pros: The blade cuts through crusty bread, pizzas and the like fantasically. For the price, I am quite pleased. Found it works great.

Cons: The Fibrox handle is a bit rough in the hand, the rosewood wasn't proffered in the 10" at chefsknivestogo.com, but am not displeased. Great knife.

I have seen a review of this knife from Chef boar_d_laze and followed it's advice.  The advice I recieved following my purchase of my Misono UX 10 was superb.  Although I had wanted the rosewood handle, alas, it was not proffered by chefsknivestogo.com, which I had a great experience with the purchase of the Misono.  They had only the 8.25" in the rosewood and I needed a larger blade. Hence, I went with the 10" Fibrox.  Although, I imagine the rosewood would be more comfortable in hand, the Fibrox is acceptable.  It slices through crusty breads, pizzas and biscotti loafs like a charm.  It is a great value for the money and I don't regret the purchase at all.  Also, chefsknivestogo.com is, thus far, a great source.  I have made two orders and both were received correctly and within three business days of the order.


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