Sherpa Back In Black Marker Cover Reviews

Jim Berman

Sherpa is Gold!


Pros: Add Amazing identity to an everyday item

Cons: Too many great designs to pick just one

      I have never worked in a kitchen where a Sharpie wasn’t part of every cook’s tool kit. Some have a veritable rainbow of the permanent markers embellishing the front of their chef coats, like so many ribbons decorating a General’s uniform. Others stash the iconic autograph tool behind an ear. A few brave souls keep them in a pants’ pocket, which can be a very dangerous gamble, given the tendency of an errant cook to throw food-stained pants straight into the washing machine. Sharpie and the inside of washing machine and, most likely, the dryer do not make a tasty combination. But, like a favorite knife, trusted spring-hinged tongs, or side towel, a marker is an essential...
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