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Shun Classic 8-Inch Chef's Knife

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Pros: Sharp, versatile perfect for most tasks

Cons: once the edge is going its gone

I love this knife and have used it daily since i got it from a friend about 3 years ago. I also have the 20 inch but im much more comfortable with this one. my only gripe is because the blade is made of slightly harder metal than i would like ( somewhere mid -high 60's if i remember right) it seems that when the edge is going i need to get it sharpened i cant hone and save it. 


I recommend the 11.5" Dia-Sharp continuous bench stone from DMT you can order it directly at www.dmtsharp.com/sharpeners/bench-stones/dia-sharp/  It is $87.21.  It will sharpen your Shun like a dream.  It is diamond so you get a fast cut even with the fine stone.  It does not warp so you never have to dress the stone.  I have had mine for over a decade and it still cuts like new.
PS honing should be done only after sharpening and a knife should only be honed a few times before resharpening.
I am NOT a shun fan, but it is completely wrong to say once the edge is gone, it's gone. You sharpen it just like any other VG10 core knife using a water stone.