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Shun Pro Usuba 6-1/2-Inch Reviews


Didn't think it would become my "go to" knife but ...


Pros: Has taught me to use a 'handed' knife

Cons: Had to learn how to use a "handed" knife

Shun Pro "Usuba bocho"  to (light-heartedly) start learning to to  Tusuma (vegetable sheeting) and KatsuraMuki (noodle) cutting.  It was a lot cheaper than the other alternatives: Chiba Peel S Turning Slicer for $235.00 from Korin,  ($259.00 from J.B. Prince and they 'neglect' to call out the name ... instead, they call it a 2 IN 1" VEGETABLE SLICER Chiba Tsuma Taro Slicer to the tune of $435.00 or from J.B. Prince? $499.00 .  It's a 'handed' knife (right handed in my case) it has only an angle on one side and that is a 15 degree angle as compared to a 20 degree European knife, and the other side is flat with a slight (ura oshi) scallop in it (honyaki steel, and handmade). The...
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