The Best Recipe Reviews


Excellent Book for the Beginner Cook


Pros: Huge list of recipes and very detailed explanations

Cons: Many duplicate recipes from other books in the series

This is a great reference cookbook for the basic home cook and especially for the beginner.  There are a lot of recipes with very detailed instructions on each recipe.  I've made about 15 of the recipes from the book and have not been disappointed yet.  I highly recommend this for the cook who needs to follow a recipe.

Worthwhile, but limited


Pros: Good information and advice on cooking many delicious things

Cons: Not always the best

I have the older copy. They gave my cooking a lift when i had hit a plateau. They give good successful recipes for many dishes. They are, however, generalists, and their tasting panel doesn't match up to my tastes in many things. Most of their recipes will please the average eater. But they tend to lose ground against more specialized recipes. They make an OK French Onion soup for example, but they shortcut the browning of the onions and their stocks. Their barbecue spice mixes are off in my opinion. I own a bunch of their books and I frequently reference them as background information for the dish and as a baseline for the dish.  But more and more as I become a better cook, they are not...
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