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The cook's oracle

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The cook's oracle

Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: ethnot to be sucking Sugar, or sipping Turtle,) is scrupulously exact, even to a grain, in his ingredients; whilst Cooks are unintelligibly indefinite, although they are intrusted with the administration of our Food, upon the proper quality and preparation of which, all our powers of Body and Mind depend;—their Energy, being invariably in tha ratio, of the performance of the restorative process, i. e. the quantity, quality, and perfect disestion of what we Eat and Drink. Unless the Stomach he in good humour, every part of the machinery of Life must vibrate with languor:—can we then be too attentive to its adjustment! ! ! CULINARY CURIOSITIES. The following specimen of the unaccountably whimsical Harlequinade of Foreign Kitchens is from " La Chapelle" Nouveau Cuiunier, Paris, 1748. " A Turkey," in the shape of " Football,'' or " a Hedge-hog." " A Shoulder "of Mutton/' in the shape of a " Bee Hive."—" Emrr'e of Pigeons,'1 " in the form of a Spider," or .Sun-Fashion, or " in the form of a Frog,'' or, in " the form of the Moon." —Or, " to make a Pig taste like Wild Boar;'' take a living Pig, nnd lei him swallow the following drink, viz. boil together in vinegar and water, some rosemary, thyme, sweet basil, bay leaves, and sage; when you have let him swallow this, immediately whip him to Death, and roast him forthwith. How " to si ill a Cocke lor a weak bodie that is consumed, "take a red Cocke that is not too olde, and beat him to death." —See The Bcjokf. Of Cookery, very necessary for all such as delight therein. Gathered by A. W. 1591, p. 12. How to Roast a pound o/"BorTBR, curiously and well: and to farce (the culinary technical for to stuff) a boiled leg of Lamb with Red Herrings and Garlick; with many other receipts of as high a relish, and of as easy digestion as th...

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