The French Laundry Cookbook Reviews

Approachable book by the untouchable chef


Pros: beautiful prose, nice photography, excellent quality recipes

Cons: time-consuming recipes, may be too advanced for some novices

  Reviewed by Nicholas Beebe   During a relatively slow lunch, I was chatting with my chef at the time. “So I saw a YouTube video yesterday of Thomas Keller demonstrating how to blanch green beans,” I told him, “He's standing there with a little pot of water and green beans, watching them boil. He pulls one out, tastes it, and says that it's done. End of video.” We joked about how odd it was that the president of the American Bocuse d'Or team, owner of two different three Michelin star restaurants, and the chef described by Anthony Bourdain as “untouchable” put together a video about something so seemingly simple and mundane. I purchased The French Laundry Cookbook not...
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great book!


Pros: creative, refined, proven

This book totally changed the way I cook.  It taught me refinement and control as well as new techniques.  The French Laundry, Bouchon and Under Pressure are some of the most used books I own.  I strongly recommend all three.

One of the essentials


Pros: in depth look at Kellers flagship

Cons: not all recipes easily done in average kitchen

A great book for the foodie cult who follow Keller. While not all recipes are designed for the average home cook, the reader is able to adapt certain pieces of the recipe for their own use. Keller suggests that even if you cant make the tuilles for the "ice cream cones" you can make the salmon tartare and serve it by itself. I also love the in between sections that expand on certain subjects like stocks and braising. Truly the "flagship" of my collection


This is a great book. Its well written and easy to follow. Very inspiring for me. I would definitely recommend it to the professional chef and home cook alike.

love this book

...i really do. cooked many things out of it and (of course) it came out okay. Like this Keller guy..


I "borrowed" this from my parents a couple years ago.Wide range of recipes from really simple to really complex.Brings back memories of the times I've eaten there.

The French Laundry Review


Pros: very inspiring and can be reproduced on scale

Cons: not in metric...

I've been using this and other Thomas Keller books for about one year. French Laundry is beautiful and has quite a few recipes which can be easily made and reproduced in mass. Favourit recipes include salmon cornet, coffee and doughnuts, whipped brie, pea soup and many more. Highly recommend to the pro chef with scope for cooking at this level.