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The Practical Vegetarian

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The Practical Vegetarian

The Practical Vegetarian is more than a cookbook - it is a complete guide to vegetarian cooking and food preparation which has been designed for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike!Whether you are currently a vegetarian, just thinking about becoming one, or desiring to take a break from meat - perhaps for a couple of days out of the week - you will find The Practical Vegetarian an irreplaceable guide in your kitchen.¿ The Practical Vegetarian is convenient; every recipe includes simple step-by-step directions.¿ The Practical Vegetarian is realistic; utilize its valuable information everyday on a busy schedule or a tight budget - no fancy equipment or expensive ingredients are needed; meat-eaters will enjoy these traditional family-style meals too without missing the meat!¿ The Practical Vegetarian is hands-on easy; every ingredient is commonly found in the grocery store or supermarket.¿ In addition to over 60 meatless recipes, The Practical Vegetarian includes easy-to-follow guides to help you make the most of your healthy cooking.Included in The Practical Vegetarian:* Put together barbecue-ready meatless burgers;* Cook family favorites including pizza, burritos, indulgent desserts, stuffed peppers, and more;* Prepare International fare including Italian Lasagna, Buddha's Feast, and Homemade Tomato Sauce from fresh tomatoes;* Create your own protein-packed meat substitute;* Make your own tofu and soy milk from scratch as well as learn how to shop for fresh soy beans;* Transform common vegetables into mouth-watering delights;* ...and more! The Practical Vegetarian is a complete vegetarian cookbook with easy-to-follow recipes ideal for everyone!

AuthorMary Curtis
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Publication Date2008-05-13
TitleThe Practical Vegetarian
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ChefTalk.com › Culinary Schools, Cookbooks & Cookware › Cookbooks › Vegetarian & Vegan › The Practical Vegetarian