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Tojiro-DP Chef's Knife 7.0" (18cm)

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Pros: slender, sharp blade

Cons: not great for tough chopping

I really enjoyed this knife.  It is a very great value.  Basically, its an off-the-beaten-path knife...meaning that most consumers think of Shun as the end-all, be-all of knives simply because it is the most expensive item on the wall racks and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  However, once you really start researching Japanese knives you will find excellent products at affordable prices.  This knife was very affordable, very comfortable, and and a good performer.  The thin, sharp blade makes easy work of onion cutting.  Its light weight design is also very good for your hand during a long chopping/mincing task (think herbs.)  The only drawback that I see, as with most knives designed this way, is that it is not good for heavy chopping.  For that stick with german steel.  But for all other jobs, this affordable and razor sharp knife will do the trick. 

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Tojiro-DP Chef's Knife 7.0" (18cm)

Tojiro DP knives are made in the 'honwarikomi' method where a carbon steel plate is encased front, top, and back in stain-resistant steel. As a result, the cutting edge of the blade is as sharp and durable as a carbon steel knife, while the stain-resistant steel outer layer makes this knife very easy to maintain.Tojiro's honwarikomi knives use high-quality Swedish carbon steel and 13% chromium stain-resistant steel in their construction.

Product GroupKitchen
Product Type NameABIS_KITCHEN
TitleTojiro-DP Chef's Knife 7.0" (18cm)
FeatureHardness Rockwell C scale: 60 ±1
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