Ultimate Bread

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Ultimate Bread

Ultimate Bread brings bread-making to the home kitchen in an exquisitely illustrated primer. After visiting a gallery of the world's breads, the authors, French-born baker Eric Treuille, and Italian-born baker, Ursula Ferrigno, introduce you to the "Baking Essentials" a complete illustrated guide to the key ingredients and equipment used in breadmaking. Then it's time for the "Basic Techniques" -- mixing, kneading, shaping, and baking -- that turn the humble ingredients of flour, water and yeast into an amazing assortment of breads. Never again will you wonder how your dough should look after the first knead or how the crust should feel when it comes out of the oven. The step-by-step photographs and easy-to-follow instructions demystify all the steps. The heart and soul of Ultimate Bread, however, is the more the 100 inspiring recipes drawn from bread-making traditions around the world. Each bread is a variation on a simple theme: flour, water, leaven, and time. It's best to begin with the starter bread recipes which utilize methods illustrated in the basic techniques. When ready to move beyond the basics, flavored breads provide an extra taste dimension, while enriched breads transform basic bread dough with the addition of oil, butter, and eggs. Quick, flat and festive breads offer delicious possibilities from around the world. After working through the recipes in this book, your repertoire will range from simple Pain Ordinaire (Basic White Bread) to the grand and festive Panettone (Milanese Christmas Bread).

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