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Valencia College in Orlando, FL

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Valencia College in Orlando, FL

People dive into the hospitality and culinary fields for all kinds of reasons. They love to cook or love the environment. They're curious about catering or are intrigued by the inner workings of hotels and resorts. But one thing they all discover, no matter what facet of this exciting field they immerse themselves in, is that a career in hospitality and culinary is fast-paced, challenging, lucrative and fun! From meeting planning to menu planning, the skills Valencia students gain during their courses of study are transferable around the world, which means that, upon graduation, your job could take you anywhere you want to go. Of course, starting out here in Central Florida gives you quite a leg up. As one of the most fertile hospitality markets in the world, Orlando is a hot place to get started because jobs are plentiful and opportunities for experience are abundant. That's why we call it the world's largest learning laboratory. So, whether your dream is to work with innovative pastry chefs or state-of-the-art reservations systems. Whether you imagine yourself planning captivating conventions or making vacationers' dreams come true. Whether you're into four-star hotels or five-diamond restaurants, a career in the hospitality and culinary field may be just right for you. Certificate Programs This certificate program is designed to equip you with a specialized skill set for immediate employment or to upgrade your skills for job advancement. Most can be completed in one year or less, and all of the certificate courses can be applied toward the A.S. degree which will help improve your earning potential. The required courses for this certificate are included in the Culinary Management Program Guide link at the top of the page. Chef's Apprentice (12 credits) Culinary Arts Management (18 credits) Culinary Arts (35 credits)

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