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Victorinox 8-Inch Chef's Knife, Black Fibrox Handle Reviews

Positive Reviews


Workhorse of my kitchen


Pros: Takes a good edge and stays sharp. Excellent ergonomics.

Cons: Could be slightly heavier?

This along with the 7" santoku and 3" paring knives are my go to knives. The blade takes a good edge and keeps sharp. Excellent ergonomics. Size of the blade is adequate for most tasks. I actually own quite a few pieces of Victorinox cutlery (fifteen or so in total acquired over the span of fifteen or so years, some duplicates like the 7" santokus and 8" chef's). So yeah, I do love 'em, they do what I expect them to do provided that I do my part which is keep them clean, sharp & abuse (namely dishwasher) free. Are they absolutely the best out there? Price wise I would say they cannot be beaten, terrific value. For example, I love MAC knives but could not justify buying them...
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Negative Reviews


Good Knife to Outgrow


Pros: High Value; Sharpens Easily; Comfortable; F&F

Cons: Dulls Easily; Awkward "German" Geometry.

One of the two or three least expensive knives which actually takes a good edge. The previous review is actually very good, but I felt it was a little enthusiastic.  If it's a four or five star knife, what are Masamotos, Tadatsunas, and Kikuichis?  Yes, Forschner Fibrox is an excellent knife for the price, but price aside, the chef's knives are just okay. Generally, everything about the Fibrox and Rosewood lines (same except for the handle material) is generally "good to excellent for the price."  Two happy exceptions are the butchering knives which are the industry standard; and many of the parers. However, the chef's knives, don't have mediocre to crummy "edge holding"...
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Good for students


Pros: Price

Cons: Most everything

I got a set of Victorinox with my tool set for culinary school. I rarely used them at school because I already had better quality knives. I have been using them at home, however, and what I have found is a very light knife that is not balanced and looses its edge quickly.   At first it was razor sharp but after a few potatoes and onions, I was having trouble getting through mushrooms with out tearing them.    If youre on a very strict budget or a student just starting out...or a mom who doesnt cook very often then this knife might be just what you need. If you are a professional and need something inexpensive to work on the line with there are better knives to be...
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Farberware Chef Knife


Pros: Holds up for a long time

Cons: Just an okay cut, leight weight

This knife was a gift set. I've had it for years. Still works okay, just not as good as some and not as sturdy. However, compared to the more expensive one I have, this one stays clean, doesn't blacken. Not as good overall performance but I guess in the middle.

Great starter/basic use knife


Pros: Sharpens well, good grip, great value

Cons: Dulls quickly

This knife is like your favorite pair of Levi's - while you might have nicer pants in your closet, these are the ones you find yourself taking out of the drawer most of the time.    It's durable, having held up through a few years of mild abuse and often the first knife I go for, for many different uses.  The knife itself is fairly plain, the fibrox handle looking much cheaper than wood, but it gets the job done.  The edge does get dull fairly quickly, but sharpens very easily.    It's well worth the $30ish price tag.  Great value :)

Good knife for the price


Pros: Easy to hone and sharpen. Affordable. The handle is a good fit for my hand.

Cons: Needs frequent honing. Not as 'pretty' as the Wusthof forged knives.

 The previous review is actually fascinating, but it has a lot of typos and jargon that I never learned ("...not to accordion.."?).  I have a variety of culinary knives, Masahiro, Wusthof Trident, and quite a few of the Victorinox/Forschner.   I study and teach cooking and I've never cooked on the line in a production environment, so I will take on faith the concerns that the previous reviewer had about edge durability.  That said, the 8-Inch Chef is the knife I find myself grabbing for routine chopping.  I do hone the knife frequently but that is how I was taught.  I haven't found that it needs sharpening all that often, but I use a Chef's Choice electric 3-stage sharpener to do it....
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Work horse knive for people learning


Pros: Easy to Sharpen, Cheap, Can take a beating, Effective

Cons: It looks like a cheap plastic handle Although I perfer the fibrox over wood

What I really love about this knife is the value for the quality. It is very cheap and arrives very sharp. I bought this knife after asking my teacher what knife she would recommend to learn on and learn to sharpen on a whetstone with. I love it the only real con other than looking like cheap plastic is the blade is highly polished and veggies stick to it. That was easily solved on the side of a whetstone It may not look pretty but this knife is well made and great to learn on. If you do something really stupid with it like let a coworker try and cut open a can with it you can replace it for very little money compared to ruining a shun. › Culinary Schools, Cookbooks & Cookware › Cutlery › Chef's Knives › Victorinox 8-Inch Chef's Knife, Black Fibrox Handle › Victorinox 8-Inch Chef's Knife, Black Fibrox Handle Reviews