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A Review On: Victorinox Cutlery 3.25-Inch Paring Knife, Small Black Polypropylene Handle

Victorinox Cutlery 3.25-Inch Paring Knife, Small Black Polypropylene Handle

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Pros: Super low cost

Cons: Short handle unless you pay a dollar more for the longer one

The blades on the Victorinox paring knives are pretty thin and easy to sharpen. I like this knife alot because I can abuse it and not feel to bad about it. I use it pretty often at work and have 2 more at home. From paring apples, potatoes, peaches, and on occasion to open boxes (I know shame on me) I use this for everything. Keep in mind you will have to sharpen it though it doesn't stay sharp for very long if you use it constantly. The handle is really small and thin and a little tough for me to hold because its so small. This is the knife to bring to work leave your expensive ones at home. The other day I walked in on our dishwasher trying to throw my paring knife into the wood cutting board and get it to stick (much to my dismay) My first reaction was to be very angry but as I thought about it I was glad it was the 5 dollar knife and not a more expensive one. If you work in a knife abusive kitchen where other employees won't respect your equipment than this is what you want it can stand the abuse and is easy to replace.


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