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Victorinox Cutlery10-Inch Chef's Knife, Black Fibrox Handle

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #10 in Chef's Knives


Pros: Very affordable. Handle gripy w/o being sticky.

Cons: Looks somewhat cheap.

One of the first purchases that my wife and I made after our wedding was a set of Faber-ware Pro kitchen knifes from the local Wally World. From day one they never seemed as sharp  as they should be but they served us well (enough) for the past 5 years. 


Finally I decide that if we were going to cook most of our meals at home we need decent tools to do it with. Enter my Victorinox 10inch Chefs knife.


The difference between my Victorinox (whom I have christened "Vicky") and the Faber-ware Pro is huge. I compare it to the difference between a Geo Metro and a New Ford Fusion. Both will get you where you want to go, one just does it much more comfortably. Also a Ford Fusion isn't the ultimate car one can buy. There are many nicer cars out there, just like how the Victorinox Fibrox knifes are a great knife until one can afford a MAC Pro or whatnot. 


Pros: Reasonable

Cons: It can be whittled down in prison to make shank? There are none!

Seriously, this line of knives is THE KITCHEN STANDBY!


If you want a decent set of fairly balanced knives that can do what they are supposed to do, are maneuverable in a lot of situations and most importantly......won't cost you an arm and a leg and you can sharpen back to razor quality quickly, well then this is it.

I've worked with these for almost 20 years now. Done the German route with Henkels and Messermeister and Wusthof (the worst!). F. Dicks, well, nah I won't say anything.

Shaws are great for home but I am very wary of Japanes contruction as I find it too fragile of an edge for all the abuse a typical dumb American chef can put it under.


Victorinox is a classic and affordable PROFESSIONAL kitchen choice. No reason a home kitchen couldn't benefit!


Pros: Cheap, durable and keeps a decent edge

Cons: Handle could be a little more comfortable

 When I was in culinary school I had a set of henckles that my Mother gave me as a gift. Wonderful knives but they were expensive and heavy. While in school I quickly learned that expensive knives have a tendency to grow legs and walk away. I never lost any of my henckle knives but so other students lose great knives to thieves. In a professional kitchen especially a large hotel the same can happen.

I remember when I worked at the Four Seasons in Chicago the garde mange chef told me to keep the nice knives at home and get myself a 10 inch forschner. The next day I did and never looked back. This is a great utility knife to have in your kit for everyday chopping, butchering, filleting etc. The price is right and you don't have to worry about the knife if you drop it, lose it or it gets stolen.

Victorinox Cutlery10-Inch Chef's Knife, Black Fibrox Handle

The R H Forschner by Victorinox Chef's Knife features an 10-inch blade that is 2.25-inches wide at the handle. High carbon, stainless steel blade is hand finished at Victorinox in Switzerland by skilled craftsmen. A special tempering process is used to produce an edge that can be resharpened over and over again, so the knife can keep its original sharpness throughout the entire life of the blade. Victorinox handles are ergonomically designed to minimize wrist tension. They provide a natural fit. A good heft and comfortable, positive grip are indications of a well-made knife. A sure-grip handle with a finger guard is valuable feature since the handle inevitably gets greasy, wet, or both. Although cutlery steel is naturally sanitary, materials and construction details of the handle minimize crevices what would offer hospitality to bacteria.

List Price$39.00
Product GroupKitchen
Product Type NameABIS_KITCHEN
TitleVictorinox Cutlery10-Inch Chef's Knife, Black Fibrox Handle
FeatureHand washing recommended; lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects; expertly made in Switzerland
Package Quantity1
Height1.25 inches
Length19.25 inches
Weight0.52 pounds
Width5.5 inches
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Legal DisclaimerWe do not in any way represent that any part we sell is legal to possess in your jurisdiction. Check with you local authorities to ensure it is legal for you to possess before buying!
WarrantyFull US Warranty by Victorinox
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