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Vineyardfresh Wine Preservative Reviews

Jim Berman

VineyardFresh Wine Preservative


Pros: Works!

Cons: Have to get used to using it, creating routine

Discussing a product that you can not see, taste, smell or feel is tough! Want to make it more challenging? Create a product that functions not to make anything better, but simply to keep something from going bad. So, offering my take on the VineyardFresh Wine Preserver is a dubious task.        Weighing no more than the container in which it is contained, VineyardFresh is a stylish argon gas dispensing system. In a wine bottle-shaped container, the premise for VineyardFresh’s product is simple – create a barrier that inhibits the degradation in the quality of an open bottle of wine. And, as any oenophile (which I am far from being) will tell you, that...
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