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Vintage Wine Book

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Vintage Wine Book

Now in its second edition, here is the basic primer on wine--featuring informative chapters that have been used to train professionals in the wine trade for nearly twenty years. The Vintage Wine Book fills the many gaps left by other publications in the field. Sections describe the processes of making fortified wines, aromatized wines, sparkling wines, and table wines. Included are clear explanations of the kinds of grapes grown and used around the world and the fermentation and maturation procedures used in winemaking. Chapters also cover information on the preferred and effective methods of storing, decanting, pouring, and tasting wine, as well as guidelines for serving wines--the order in which wines should be served with a meal, correct and incorrect food and wine combinations, and tips on which wines to serve for particular occasions. Readers may even earn a wine diploma by following several simple instructions at the end of the book. In addition to comprehensive coverage of all the major wine-producing areas of the world, this authoritative book also includes guides for beers and liquors.The Vintage Wine Book, Second Edition, is written and edited by the Sommelier Executive Council, members of the professional wine fraternity for many years who have written thousands of wine lists and conducted hundreds of formal symposiums, seminars, and courses. You can also be added to the Council’s mailing list so that you can receive updated notices, supplements, and advanced chapters at nominal cost.

AuthorNorman R. Sickels
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Publication Date1992-06-01
TitleVintage Wine Book
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