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Wüsthof Classic 2-3/4-Inch Peeling Knife

50% Positive Reviews
Rated #9 in Paring Knives


Pros: Decent Bec D'Oiseau. It Does What a Bec D'Oiseau Does, Decently.

Cons: Forschner Kicks Wustie's Butt For A Tenth The Price.

Would Madame Care For an Amuse Bouche d'Context?

Called a "bec d'oiseau" in French, a bird's beak shaped blade makes tournes and paring some fruit easier.  Unfortunately, the blade's inward curve makes it hard to get sharp once it's begun to dull with use.  To make matters worse, bird's beak knives are very narrow (not much distance between spine and edge), which makes them inherently difficult to sharpen anyway; the difficulty in sharpening reasonably acute, flat bevels (what you want) is made worse if the knife's thick at the spine.


Unless you don't mind working with an increasingly dull knife or you own and can actually do a fair job of sharpening on a slip stone, this means a bec d'oiseau should have a fairly short life span in your kit. 


A Different Sort of Context:

If you really want a bird's beak, the context becomes "compared to what." Unfortunately for Wusthof they really suffer in comparison to Forschners.  Let's start with price.  Wusthofs at around $55 MSRP, are just too expensive to be evanescent.  Rosewoods are around $12, and Fibrox are available for $5.  At $5 each, a CASE of Fibrox is only a couple more bucks than a Wusthof.  For a pro, that's two years of sharp use without ever sharpening.  Compare that to 2 months for the Wustie. 


But Wait!  There's More!! 

Forschners are sharper out of the box.  If you can manage it at all, they're better to sharpen -- they sharpen easier, faster, sharper, and stay (or at least act) sharper longer.  The Rosewoods are even more comfortable in the hand than their Wusthof brethern -- and while they're more than Fibrox's one thenth the price, they're still only a fifth.


Don't Spare the Technical Details:

By way of explanation, most of Forschner's performance advantages arise from their thinner, stamped construction.  You can make a colorable argument that a thick, heavy, forged, long dull knife will do a better job of crushing things than a thin, light, stamped, equally dull knife; but so much of that simply doesn't and/or shouldn't apply. 


Forschner also makes a dandy little sheep's foot.


Bottom Line:

Sharper is better.  Cheaper is better.  Forschner is better.  Don't buy the Wusthof.




Pros: balance, weight, curve, edge

Cons: handle chips, rough rivets

Wusthof Classic 4062 7cm bird's beak paring knife


I find myself reaching for this little knife all the time. I like the balance and weight. It has a full-tang, triple-riveted handle that fits well into my hand. It has the right combination of length and curvedness (I also own a Global bird's beak that fails on both counts, being too long and not curved enough). It holds an edge very well and sharpens up easily. Although it's embarrassing to admit, I also really like the fact that the curve makes it harder to attempt a cut with the back of the blade, which happens with squarer knives. Though I like the decent price and middle-grade handle style and material, the handle will chip fairly easily, and the rivets can be a little rough. There are other bird's beak knives out there, but I am fairly brand-loyal to this make and model.

Wüsthof Classic 2-3/4-Inch Peeling Knife

Wusthof Classic Knives - Wusthof 4062 7 cm / 2.75 Inch Peeling Knife

List Price$67.00
Product GroupKitchen
Product Type NameABIS_KITCHEN
TitleWüsthof Classic 2-3/4-Inch Peeling Knife
FeatureMade in Germany
Release Date2001-07-31
Package Quantity1
Height0.8 inches
Length9.7 inches
Weight0.12 pounds
Width2.8 inches
Material TypePrecision forged from a single blank of high carb
Material Type Set ElementPrecision forged from a single blank of high carb
Batteries Included0
CountrySolingen, Germany
Number Of Discs1
ArtistHarvey Mandel
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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