Waring NuBlend BB180 Blender Reviews


Fugly Indeed


Pros: Powerful, rugged

Cons: B*tt Ugly

I took a long time, but I finally left this ugly beast out on my countertop.  I bought it after going through 7 blenders in 3 years.  I seem to be tough on them.  This one has lasted nearly 10 years now, with almost daily use, making smoothies, blending pureed hot soup and other common tasks.  I've also used it to chop up nuts to a smooth cream, making nut mayo.  Speaking of mayo - a snap in this thing.     Only two speeds, but how many of those speeds do you use?  I start low on mayo, but everything else is done at high speed.  If you want long lasting quality, you'll want this one.  If you want pretty, you want anything but.  ...
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Fugly Is As Fugly Does aka This One Can


Pros: High Value, High Performance, Fugly

Cons: Not Cheap, Not a Vita-Mix, Fugly

To make a good frozen drink, milkshake or smoothie, a blender has to get to speed quickly, stay at speed as the blade hits ice and as the mixture thickens, and must stay cool enough and work fast enough so as not to transfer a lot of heat to the mix.   Most home blenders can't do that.  Many, so called, "commercial" bar blenders can't either.  Just for the record, the "can't do" category most definitely includes the beehive bottom Osters and Warings.  The problem isn't "watts," it's torque.  Even though a lot of manufacturers are posting high wattage figures, the little guys' motors don't generate enough torque of either the start-up or general persuasions.    If you want a...
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