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Wild Fish & Game Cookbook

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Wild Fish & Game Cookbook

In Wild Fish & Game Cookbook, wildlife artist and chef John Manikowski combines his experiences in the wilderness and in the kitchen to offer 100 recipes for cooking fish and game, accompanied by his illustrations of creatures in the wild and stories of hunting and fishing. From the Berkshires to Guatemala, from Scotland to Montana, Manikowski's hunting and fishing expeditions have brought him into contact with a wide range of fascinating people, animals, places, and --especially--good things to eat. Manikowski has fished for black bass in paradisal Lake Atitlan in Guatemala; shot caribou in the wilds of Labrador; and lost a marlin as big as a boat off Puerto Escondito in Mexico. He has made exquisitely detailed drawings of mallards, pheasants, striped bass, trout, and elk. And he has perfected the recipes he now shares: Sauteed trout with Morels, Striped Bass with Snow Peas, Canada Goose with Fiddle heads, Stewed Pheasant with Olives and Plums, and Wild Game Cassoulet. In addition to his game dishes, Manikowski provides recipes for appropriate appetizers, sauces, vegetable accompaniments, and desserts, so entire meals can be prepared in remote wilderness cabins as well as at home using only this book. The Wild Fish & Game Cookbook also tells you how to prepare a smoker and a charcoal grill, how to bone and cure fish, and other tips for preparing game. Manikowski makes a perfect guide to the world of wild fish and game--both in the wilderness and in the kitchen.

AuthorJohn Manikowski
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Publication Date1997-01-10
TitleWild Fish & Game Cookbook
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