Wild Flavors Reviews


Going Local


Pros: wonderful recipes and great narration

Cons: this cookbook might not appeal to everyone

Rarely does a book come along that changes the way we think about the food we eat, where it comes from, and the amount of edible food that we, in "advanced" societies, tend to throw away.  Wild Flavors by Didi Emmon is one such book.  If that name rings a bell, it should.  Emmons is the author of "The Vegetarian Planet" and Entertaining for a Veggie Planet," both popular cookbooks.   "Wild Flavors" chronicles Emmons relationship with Eva Sommaripa a farmer, and modern day pioneer woman in Massachusetts.  Eva turned her passion for farming into a 2 acre, organic farm specializing in herbs, greens, flowers, and wild edibles, many of which no one else is...
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