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Women on the Bar-B

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Women on the Bar-B

Women on the Bar-B is a quick and simple guide to barbecuing/grilling for women. Filled with information as well as humor, Women on the Bar-B will help you be the master of your fate even when that means cooking on an open fire. Starting with basic grilling terms, this guide explains the different types of grills (Bar-bs) available on the market today and provides information regarding grilling techniques such as Smoking versus Barbecuing and Indirect versus Direct grilling methods. Cooking temperatures are discussed as well as how to check for doneness. Women on the Bar-B will introduce you to the different types of wood and techniques used to achieve the best flavor for the item being smoked or grilled. Finally, you'll learn all about the great accessories available for the Bar-b and get started with a few delicious recipes. Take the challenge....Why should grilling be just for men? About the Author: Love Christmas always enjoyed being outside with her dad when he was barbecuing and also enjoys boating, which leans towards grilling if you want a good warm meal. Her husband, Johnny, was one of the engineers for the award- winning Altima six-burner stainless steel grill. After the design was complete, he purchased the prototype and Love never turned back. She did the research and then started grilling, smoking, and spit roasting. Johnny enjoyed her grilling, so he purchased a smoker for her and then a smaller gas Bar-b. Throughout the years, Love noticed that few women would cook on the Bar-b and decided to share her knowledge. It is her hope that this book will make readers more comfortable on the Bar-b and provide many hours of eating pleasure.

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TitleWomen on the Bar-B
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