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Always looking for new ideas

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While my menu is already set, I'm always
looking to improve or add. We have an upcoming
reception for 4000 offering lite refreshments.
I'm offering petit pineapple chicken sandwiches
in finger rolls, ham/chutney on mini rye rolls
and asparagus/pepper in crepe w/boursin,rolled
and cut into thirds. Driscoll strawberries,
Any suggestions on petit sandwiches outside
of tea-sandwiches?
Thanks in advance for your help. ml
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When you are referring to not doing Tea Sandwiches, are you thinking of something traditional or something sweet? Trying to figure out what direction to go in for some suggestions -

here are a few combinations:
*mashed date accented with mango
*smoked turkey with habanero peach jam
*boursin, asian pear and pomegranate (out of season, I know, but still yummy if you get a chance someday)
*Pita bread toast wedges with hummus (brush with olive oil, salt, z'aatar, grill, cut into wedges, toast in oven slowly until VERY crisp, top with the goodies and garnish)

Not sure if that is what you are looking for or not but I hope it helps.

Married into the Devil Dogs
Married into the Devil Dogs
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besides tiny sandwiches on rolls and bread you can also do thin discs (we get 10-12 from a 12 inch tortilla) of pinwheel sandwiches. The fillings are endless but some favorites are Peking Chicken or Duck with Hoisin Scallions and Romaine) Dont use cream cheese on these wraps the hoisin will be the "glue"
another is smoked turkey with thick honey mustard, tomato and romaine (dab the tomatoes with paper towels to dry up)

Morrocan Carrots with hummous, roasted peppers and fresh spinach
remember to dab pat dry whatever any wet ingredients

What about mini quiches and mini tartlets - risking the rath of Kaun I will mention that you can buy these and doctor them up or make them yourself. We top traditional mini quiches with a "salsa of feta, tomato, dill and red onion - sometimes even adding chopped shrimp (not baby tho - they are tasteless)

coconut and panko chicken fingers with apricot mustard dipping sauce make good finger foods and can be served either hot or at room temp.

ditto about temperature for mini samosas but for both those items becareful how far ahead you fry and how you cool and serve or you will have limp fried food. It can be done, but maybe with so many guests this is not the event to try it.

you can wrap asparagus with smoked turkey

roquefort grapes ala early martha stewart

mini lotus cups (any kind of barquette or take sections ofwontons skins, stuff into mini muffin tins and spray with pam like olive oil spray and bake until crispy - can make hundred a week a head and store in air tight containers)
fillings: roquefort or stilton mousse with spiced pecans and sun dried cranberries
smoked salmon mousse
thai peanut chicken
homemade rondele with pesto and roasted pepper tapenade
creme fraiche topped with coronet of smoked salmon and fresh dill

the list could go on and on.
What's in the pineapple chicken?
Do you make, buy or recreate the mini breads?
I often use mini biscuits topped with cheddar and/or parmesian and black sesame seeds. It looks dramatic. We also cut the biscuits into half moons before baking for smaller bite sized hors douerves. Fill with filet mignon with various dressings and arugula or basil. Ditto for chicken, duck, grilled veggies, etc.
Chef Tigerwoman

Stop Tofu Abuse...Eat Foie Gras...
Chef Tigerwoman

Stop Tofu Abuse...Eat Foie Gras...
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