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I wanted to ask any of the online users. If they have any sources for locating a new position. I know of the sources hcareers.com, Starchefs, Hospalitity Online. I am looking for a new position, and know there are positions out there, but where are they.
I am looking for a more culinary position. I have strayed as of late and want to get back to food.
I can send my resume to someone if they have a place.
Thank You
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Hi Brian, I have somewhat the same problem. There are so many .coms and non of them have very many jobs for some reason. Do u want to stay in your area? I want to stay in the Phila area and looking for a Pastry position reallly makes it hard.
Here are some sites to try. chef2chef, ihirechefs, chefjobs, chefjobsnetwork, horizonhospitality, jobexpo, employment, and monster seemed to have the most. Keep surfing and u will pick up more. I am amazed at how many there is. Good Luck
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