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This is very important to restaurant managers!

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Under Bush's new economic policies, restaurant managers will no longer be able to receive overtime if they make over $22,000 a year....

Better think about this one folks, this policy will certainly hurt the restaurant business.

Here's a link to learn more........

No More Overtime For Restaurant People

To me, I think this is really, really terrible!
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Yes don't you just love the NRA applauding it..
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Uh...... well yeah, this is very intersting.......

It's something that should be thought over. Why is the NRA endorsing this, then restaurant people getting screwed?

Wondering why this is happening?
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I have never recieved OT pay since I became a manager, nor does it really bother me about never recieving it. If I had really wanted OT I would make it part of my benefits package in my contracts.

As for why the NRA endorses this, it is very simple. There are many small, independent restaurants that do not now pay managers OT, many doing this unknowingly as they don't realize that it is against many states' labor laws. By endorsing this new law, they are saving these restaurants from future problems with the labor board. Many small restaurants can not afford to pay their managers OT. That would be the ''straw that breaks the camel's back'' for many struggling places
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Everywhere I've worked anyone above lead cook, bartender, or waitron was salary. Hence no overtime. Personally hourly sucks; Regular breaks, lunch, blah blah blah. Salaray can suck too; Too many hours, no breaks, blah blah blah.

Restaurant owners would probably support this thing because they can cut the managers hours when it's slow and run them raged when it's not. If you're salary and you don't work the 40+ you're beating the system.

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Jeez...that sounds like a good thing to me? How are you figuring this is bad?? I Didn't see anything about cutting OT pay, but as John said...Aren't the majority of managers out there salaried positions? So now they get a tax break...what's wrong with that?
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Bacause under the law they can basically classify anyone a manager as long as they can prove you supervise 2 people so figure it out how that works. And the NRA backs it because they do not support the workers they are for ownership.
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2 or more people being supervised? Yes. But it also has to do w/ the amount of time doing just that. The new law changes nothing except lowering the personnal tax brackets. At least that is the info we have received as of yet.
Enjoy Life ~ Eat out more often
Enjoy Life ~ Eat out more often
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In Canada we do not have that problem, first off 22, 000 a year is peanuts. How would someone with a family live on this? My dishwashers make over 22,000.00 a year get paid overtime and stat holidays too.
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