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Ice cream machine?

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I have a Simac IL Gelatio Magnum Ice cream maker and its not working properly. When trying to make sorbet or ice cream it never finishes churning..Obviously the cooling part is broken somehow? Has anyone ever had this problem with this machine and know how to get it fixed ? Thanks

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I have the geltaio Junior, by Simac, and I don't have that problem. Does that happen even if you start with a cold base? Have you asked the company?
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The machin is over 7 yrs old and I always chill the mix overnight usually before churning. The only phone number I found on the manual is disconnected now , does your machine have a 1-800 number ?It usually took about 45 min to 1 hr to finish the ice cream ,sorbet, now it goes for hours with nothing.

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I hope this helps:
The machine is distributed by Lello Appliances in E. Rutherford, NJ.

Mine only had a 1 year warranty.
Customer Svce. is 201-939-2555.
Service Center is 800-223-1898.
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Thanks, I called and I going to mail it to them so they can fix it..Thanks again

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last time, when my car broke, I fix it with some tape...
think tape will help

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HehheheĀ  ..amazing tape will really help to you . very brilliant idea ..
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