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The season is in full swing.... last weekend I "harvested" it is not hunting when you go out and just pick....I got 20 # and a fresh chicken of the woods....to die for. Anyway what do you guys make with your chanterelles? I'm off to secure more and will post what I do with them later...Thanks
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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I like them better than morels myself. Probably my favorite. I like Porcini a lot too, but I've never found one of those laying around:D
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You reminded me to take a walk in the forest and lo and behold, there they were! Like gold nuggets glimmering in the faint sun.
The first thing I do with Chanterelles is cook some in a little butter with s & p. Then I cook some in a little olive oil s & p.
Then I'll do it again with butter, garlic, leeks and a touch of white wine and toss with Campanella pasta.
then I'll Sear a steak, remove from pan, sautee the Chanterells with shallots and garlic, hit em with a little brandy and finish with butter pour over steak.
then i'll, well you get the picture right?
Here's a menu I did last year...

Locally Harvested
Chanterelles and Oyster Mushrooms


Truffled Risotto
with Chanterelles, Oyster Mushrooms and Toasted Pine Nuts

Summer Mesclun Salad
with a Vidalia Onion Artichoke Vinaigrette and Three Mushroom Tartlet

Smoked Duck and Oyster Mushroom Bruscetta
with Cilantro oil and Aged Balsamico

Mushroom and Saffron Consomme’
with a Chanterelle Royale


Pan Seared Diver Scallops
Braised in Sweet Butter with Chanterelles and Rosemary

Chanterelle Duxelle Crusted Red Snapper
with an Oyster Mushroom Ratatouille

Oven Roasted Rack of Australian Lamb
with a Roasted Garlic and Oyster Mushroom Ragout

Pan Seared Venison Loin
with a Chanterelle and Oyster Mushrooms Sautéed with Bacon and Caraway Seeds
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I love Chanterelles any way, shape, or form, though unlike one of the above posts, I do like Morels more than Chanterelles. I have had then many different ways and in many different dishes but one of my fondest memories of Chanterelles is from culinary school, when a bunch of us went out mushroom hunting. We can across the motherload of Chanterelles. We used them in pastas, in risottos, in ragouts, etc. Days later we still had a ton of them left, and they were all on the verge of going bad, so in one of our last desparate attempts to use them up, we sauteed them and put them on top of hot dogs. With a hint of mustard, some caramelized onions, and a little sauerkraut, these were some of the best hot dogs I ever had!!!!
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Any similarity to the "Royal with Cheese"?:p

Menu looks killer Jon.

I'm honestly a fairweather mushroom guy. Whatever I can get is my favorite of the week!
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:p :p :p :p :p :p back at ya Kelly.:beer:
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